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Randy and Jen are getting married which means Foley's = 13 plus 2 = 15 and Robbi and Bryan are expecting a boy which means Kuhn's = 14 plus 1 = 15 for a total FAMILY at Priest this year of 30!


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Rayli 12

Sophia 7

Tayler 17

Maddie 14

Nathan 8

Emma 8

Abi 6

Sam 18 Mos


Tatum 6

Thomas 5

Tyler 2

Bert 2



      "Wedding Bells will be ringing the summer of 2012"

2 + 2 = 4!  Our family will grow again this year in more way's than one:-)

Randy and Jen will be married at the Thornewood Castle this summer!

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Randy's Bungalo available for short term rental!

Robbi's Proffessional Photography available!



Will this child look like Robbi, or will there be 3 Bryan look alikes?

Robbi and Bryan will be adding another boy to their family sometime about nine months after conception of this year so Bert will have a basketball (not a hockey) buddy! 

Olympia January Snow/Ice Storm

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2012 Birthdays!

    Jason    Tatum  January           



  2010 Birthdays!

Thomas, Robbi, Unc,  

Randy, Nic & Lindsey, Sam, Stacy, Nathan

Bill, Robbin, Steph, Nancy, Emma

Bert, Madi, Eric, Rayli, Bryan

Tayler, Abi's, Tyler, Jeremy, Glenda










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